Personal Exhibitions

Larissa in 1951, from the Mountaineering Society of Larissa.

Municipality of Larissa in 1954, acquiring diploma of Honour.

Volos in 1962, by the Mountaineering Society of Volos.

Trikala in 1965, sponsored by the Foundation for Literature and Arts.

in Lyon in 1975, from the Institute Fernand Courby.

Thessaloniki in 1979, from Citi bank.

Strasbourg in 1982, in response to: Le siercle d ´Amitie Franco Hellenique: (a century of French-Greek friendship).

Volos in February 1984, from the Municipality of Volos.

Municipality of Larissa in 1984, titled "Old Larissa."

America in Panama City 1984-85.

Thessaloniki in 1985, in the hall "ART" themed "Olympus".

Saarbrucken, Germany in 1986, from the Greek-German club.

Munich in 1986, the Greek Ηouse.

Thessaloniki in 1992, by the Macedonian Arts Association, in the hall "ART".

Larissa in 1992, in the hall Lambropoulos, titled "Larissa."

Larissa in 1983, in Chatzigianneio Municipal Cultural Center, titled "Colour portraits Neolithic figurines."

Thessaloniki in 1995, the Art Gallery "Observer" in the photographic cycle, entitled "Portraits".

Athens in 1996, the Museum of Cycladic Art N.P. Goulandris, titled "Traditional Agricultural Occupations."

Luxembourg in 2003, Building the European Commission (JeanMonnet) in the context of the Greek Presidency with representative works.

Benaki Museum in 2005, a large retrospective exhibition.

Photography Museum of Thessaloniki in 2006, a large retrospective exhibition.

Volos in 2007, in Tsalapatas Brickworks Museum, titled "Greece is Light", sponsored by the Cultural Foundation of Piraeus Group.

Dimitsana in 2008, titled "Greece is light", sponsored by the Cultural Foundation of Piraeus Group.

Sparta in 2009, titled "Greece is light", sponsored by the Cultural Foundation of Piraeus Group.

Soufli in 2009, titled "Greece is light", sponsored by the Cultural Foundation of Piraeus Group.

Art Gallery of Larisa, G.I. Katsigras Museum in 2009, a large retrospective exhibition.

Group Exhibitions

Istanbul in 1951, from the Federation of Tour Operators.

from 1955 to 1958, from the Group of Travel Operators of Northern Greece 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th exhibition. Commendations every year and a First Prize.

in 1959, Panhellenic Mountain Photography Exchibition.

Romania in 1963, exhibition of Greek photographers. He won the silver medal.

Nantes, France in 1967, International Salon of Photography.

Lycee Thessaloniki in 1983, from AE.F.KI.TH. for 5 photographers.

Larissa in 1989, Greek Photographers Presentation.

in 1989, Presentation by the Greek Center of Photography.

in 1989 by the Greek Photographic Society, Retrospective Exhibition of Greek photographers of the decade 1950-1960.

in Athens 1989, in the halls of building, "Kostis Palamaswith the photographers, Balafas, Letsios and Meletzis.

in the summer of 1995, in the Photographic Center of Skopelos, presents with Balafa and Meletzis an exhibition titled "Appearances" with the support of the Ministry of Culture. The same exhibition transferred in December 1995 in "Mylos" of Thessaloniki and then to Crete in Rethymno.

Exhibition on "Trans photometafores orbits and intersections," under the auspices of the Rector of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. the exhibition toured in Greece (Thessaloniki / win, Florina, Rethymno, etc.) and abroad (Spain, Brussels, etc.).






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